2020 Community Maintenance Update

Due to Covid 19 and the impacts of staffing The City of Airdrie has indicated that there will be minimal maintenance to the landscaped beds under their responsibility for the 2020 season. The HOA will supplement additional maintenance on these areas and has engaged their contractor to address these areas when needed to ensure the […]

Kings Heights Homeowners Association 2020 AGM

Due to gathering restrictions imposed due to the Covid-19 pandemic The date for the 2020 KH HOA AGM has not been set and will not be arranged until the fall of 2020. Alberta Corporate Registries has confirmed that Non-Profit Organizations, of which homeowners associations fall under, will be able to postpone AGMs until the ban […]


The turnover of the management and operations of the KHHOA to the Kings Heights Home Owners Association took place on January 2020. The HOA will is now under the full control of your elected Resident Directors since January 2020. The Directors are; Milosz Karpinski, President Shayna Nackoney-Skauge, Vice President Jack Lee, Secretary/Treasurer   The Resident […]