Kings 20/21 Snow  Removal-Developer Route

Kings Heights HOA Newsletter_Volume 1-Interactive

Architectural Guidelines

Kings Heights Community Paint Specification:

The approved fence colour for the community of Kings heights is called “King’s Heights”.

General Paint Locations Please give the shop owner this code – General Paint: Product #73049, Formula B20, C36, I6, KXY3Y8

Kings Heights Homeowners Association Website & Database

The KHHOA website is administered by Ivrnet. This Calgary based company provides web site management and hosting services for most HOA and property management organizations in the Calgary region. We would not use a local home based business to do this for several reasons:

  • Ivrnet is established and provides competitive services.
  • We hire an established company as there is no risk of losing the service. Someone in the community can always move away and is not guaranteed to continue to support the HOAs requirements

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Become a Board Member!

If you are passionate about keeping your community a great place to live and would like to volunteer on the Board, please email to submit your interest.