On behalf of the Kings Heights Home Owners Association (KHHOA) and the Board of Directors, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you and your family to Kings Heights and are confident that you will enjoy this unique community for many years!

Melcor is committed to building communities where residents can live, work, play and shop.

Within the community, residents can bike or go for a walk around the community’s landscaped pond and fountain or enjoy a book on the steps of the stone and timber Amphitheatre.

To ensure the community is maintained to a high standard Melcor has established a Homeowners Association in the Kings Heights Community.

The Kings Heights Home Owners Association (KHHOA) is a not-for–profit organization which manages and maintains assets owned by the Association for the benefit of Kings Heights residents.

As a property owner in the Community of Kings Heights you are a member of The Kings Heights Home Owners Association (KHHOA).

Homeowners quite often have questions about their community. Listed below are some of the frequently asked questions regarding the Kings Heights Home Owners Association (KHHOA).

1) What is the Kings Heights Home Owners Association(KHHOA)?

The KHHOA is a not-for profit company governed by the Societies Act and was created to ensure that certain features and amenities of a community are maintained and managed for the long-term use and enjoyment of its member residents. The KHHOA sets a desired course for the use of common areas, such as the community’s landscaped pond and fountain, the stone and timber Amphitheatre Park and any other amenities, and helps ensure their financial sustainability over time.

2) Do all Kings Heights residents currently pay a Home Owners Association Fee?

Yes. All residents and property owners have their title encumbered with the Kings Heights Encumbrance Annual Rent Charge. Membership in the Association is automatic and mandatory with the purchase of a home in Kings Heights and applies to each and every property owner in Kings Heights.

3) What is the amount of the Home Owners Association Fee and when is it due?

The payment of dues, which is secured by an Annual Rent Encumbrance between $100.00 to $200.00 (subject to upward adjustment for inflation & GST) registered on the title to each member’s lot. If you reside in a condominium, these annual fees are in addition to your monthly condominium fees. The fiscal year runs from January 1st to December 31st. Fee reminders from the Home Owners Association will be mailed annually and fees are due as of January 1st. Your lawyer should have reviewed this with you at the time of closing.

4) What benefits do you receive by paying the annual Home Owners Association Fee?

Residents benefit by having certain amenities and assets in their community scheduled for enhanced maintenance of Entry feature, parks and boulevards which will serve to set Kings Heights apart from other communities that do not have the ability maintain open space to a higher standard.

5) How is the Home Owners Association governed?

The KHHOA, including the features and amenities, is governed by the Societies Act and bylaws, and administered by a Board of Directors currently made up of three (4) Melcor Directors and managed by Melcor under the management agreement included in the information provided by your lawyer.


Melcor is in the process of working towards a seamless transition of the turnover of the management of the KHHOA to the Kings Heights Home Owners Association at the AGM in Mid-2018. In anticipation of the turnover, Melcor will prepare and implement an exit strategy that consists of Board development training and the administrative and accounting systems that are currently in place to ensure a seamless transition of full management duties to the KHHOA. As well, Melcor will establish an Executive Committee of Resident Directors that will work closely with the Melcor Directors. Melcor is committed and dedicated to leaving behind a successful legacy in the community of Kings Heights.

If you require further information or have any questions don’t hesitate in contacting us.

New Homeowner Form

The following information is required for the Kings Heights Home Owners Association; Registration, Annual Fee, Billing, Administration, Programs and Events.

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Please ensure all correspondence regarding KINGS HEIGHTS HOME OWNERS Association is forwarded to the following Contact Information:

HOA Manager: Triona Cosgrave
Monday to Friday: 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Phone: 780.945.2816
Email: tcosgrave@melcor.ca

Please note that the Articles of Association require all Homeowners to notify the Administrator, of all ownership changes.

The KINGS HEIGHTS HOME OWNERS Association’s Privacy Policy is in compliance with and adheres to

Alberta’s Personal Information Protection Act. Please contact the Administrator for a copy.